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Pam's Posies Dover Explores the Flower of February - The Violet

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The Flower of February - The Violet

The Violet, is a much treasured flowering plant with heart shaped leaves that often has a purple color to it. Violets are generally found and grown in the Northern Hemisphere of the world. They are often given as gifts as they are able to flower year round with proper care.

Violets can also be found in a variety of colors including blue, yellow and white. Sometimes you will find multi-colored violets as well. Violet plants s will flower in large amounts throughout the spring and summer.

The Violet has a few distinct characteristics. For instance it always has exactly five petals total on each bloom. One petal is on the bottom of the Violet, pointing downward, while the other four pedals are positioned with two on each side with an upward sweep to them. Many species of violets also have different shapes to their petals, which is one way the scientific community tells them apart.

Interesting Facts About Violets:

  • Most people believe Violets have no scent, however this is not accurate. A major component of the Violets scent is ketone which actually desensitizes the nasal receptors making it temporarily impossible to smell anything.
  • Violets are used in many countries and cultures as decorations to go on plates with food.
  • They are also used in stuffing's for poultry and fish.
  • You can actually eat this flower either raw or cooked, and you will often find the flavor of a Violet in a soufflé or desert.
  • In France they still pour hot syrup on Violets and mix them up until the syrup dries and the sugar crystallizes over the Violet. These are used for decorating or as a special treat in an aromatic dessert.

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